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Dog Training Overview

We are so excited to open our new training center Good Mojo University!  This 7200 square foot building is having the finishing touches put on it right now for our January opening!  We cannot wait to show you how big and beautiful our new University is. 

We are most excited for all the new things we can offer our customers in this new space!  What are we talking about?

• Daytime classes!!  We will be offering classes at all times of the day!

• New Board & Train!  This behavioral training program is particularly good for very busy people who want a well-behaved dog but do not have the time to invest to do it themselves.  Leave your dog with us, and we will train them for you! Board & Train!

• Agility!!  New agility equipment, beautiful new agility flooring, and plenty of space means agility fun for you and your dog! Check out the agility classes.

• New Fitness for Fido classes!!  Deniece has been busy getting her Fitpaws Master Trainer and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer certifications to be able to offer this fun fitness class for your dogs. Our new Fitpaws equipment is made for fun and confidence building for your pup!  Is your dog overweight, out of shape, working on getting in better shape for competition, needing mental stimulation, or just bored?  Or are you looking for something different and fun to do with your dog?  Join this class!

• Workshops!  Walking workshops and Recall Workshops are on the schedule for January and February!  More fun workshops to come like Scenting, Dog Sports, Wagit Games, Reactive Rover, etc! Check 'em out.

• We will be offering Wagit Games here at Good Mojo in class and workshop form.  On March 18 - 19 the creator of Wagit Games, Sumac Grant-Johnson, will be hosting a weekend long workshop in this fun and non-competitive dog sport program.  Learn more about Wagit:

• Therapy Dog Certifications!!  Get your dog certified to visit hospitals, retirement homes and schools!  (Dates to be announced soon!)

• Rally!  Classes coming soon!

• Drop in Night!  Thursday nights beginning January 26th will be the ongoing Drop In Night!  From 6-8pm you can drop in with your pooch to work on basic obedience (come, sit, stay, heel, distractions, etc), Fitness for Fido (use our fun Fitpaws equipment) or Agility (either instruction or run-throughs).  This is a great time to work on distractions with the other dogs, practice your agility obstacles, try something new, or practice for class!  (This is not a private lesson, as other dogs will be present.)  This is going to be fun!
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