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Dog Sports Classes


Rally is a dog sport based on obedience where the handler and dog navigate a course.  It is a fun way to work on your obedience practice with your dog.  Make new friends, develop better attention from your dog, and have fun!

Prerequisite: CGC or equivalent
6 week class $150
Register online (or give us a call)

Attention and Tricks

This Do More With Your Dog title program is fun and a great attention and communication building program for you and your dog!  While you are teaching your dog fun tricks, you are also teaching them valuable lessons about communication and that working with you can be lots of fun!  This is a 4 level titling program.

Prerequisite: Must have at least completed a Puppy or Beginner class prior to enrollment.
4 Week Class $75
Register online (or give us a call)

New Fitness for Fido classes!!

Join our Fitpaws Master Trainer and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer in this fun fitness class for your dog! Our Fitpaws equipment is made for fun and confidence building for your pup!  Is your dog overweight, out of shape, working on getting in better shape for competition, needing mental stimulation, or just bored?  Or are you looking for something different and fun to do with your dog?  Join this class!

Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner basics class
5 week class $125
Register online (or give us a call)


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